A series of discreditable events

Episode One 

Conrad Heinold loved Whanganui and the town loved his pork butchery. So what changed on May 15, 1915 to have him seeking refuge under the Town Bridge and out of business?

Lions, tigers and polar bears

Episode Two 

At the turn of the century, JJ Boyd ran a zoo in the riverside community of Aramoho – reportedly the only provincial zoo in the world. We found a family of three generations who live on the former site and see where the animals used to be kept.

Wished on the morning Star

Episode 3

In 1996 the staff at Whanganui’s Star FM got caught up in a hoax bomb threat. But the incident made world headlines due to the offender’s unusual demand.

The Ridgway Street sensation

Episode Four

Charles Mackay was the influential Mayor of the Wanganui Borough for 13 years until he shot returned serviceman Darcy Cresswell for threatening to expose a secret and was expunged from local history for almost 50 years.

Murder at Longacre

November 3

Chow Yat died on the roadside near the market garden he managed on the outskirts of Whanganui having been shot four times in the head. Do we know now what the Police didn’t in 1922?

No future

Episode Six

Neil Roberts was 21 when he was killed by the explosives he set off outside the Wanganui Computer Building as a protest against what he saw as increasing state surveillance in the early 1980s.