A series of discreditable events

Conrad Heinold loved Whanganui and the town loved his pork butchery. So what changed on May 15, 1915 to have him seeking refuge under the Town Bridge and out of business?

Links to more information 

Here’s a link to how the Wanganui Chronicle reported the riot

Conrad Heinold’s granddaughter spoke to the Wanganui Chronicle on the 100th anniversary of the Wanganui riot 

Scroll down this page for a picture taken of Heinold’s shop after the riot


1: Marie Heinold (Conrad’s wife), one of their children and Conrad Heinold

2: Conrad Heinold as an older man

3: Conrad Heinold in his much-loved garden

4: Alison Brockway, granddaughter of Conrad Heinold, in 2016

A photo of Conrad Heinold when he was older
Conrad Heinold in his much-loved garden

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