Lions, tigers and polar bears

At the turn of the century, JJ Boyd ran a zoo in the riverside community of Aramoho – reportedly the only provincial zoo in the world. We found a family of three generations who live on the former site and see where the animals used to be kept.

Links to more information

Auckland Zoo’s wild past – The Aucklander – 9 August 2012

Lisa Truttman’s ‘The Aramoho Zoo’ Chapter from her 2008 book ‘The Zoo War” 

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Laraine Sole’s books on Whanganui history 


1.  A view of the Aramoho Zoo.  Unknown photographer or date. Image courtesy of Whanganui Regional Museum. 

2. The clouded leopard, which was originally in Boyd’s Zoo, Aramoho, Whanganui. When it died it was given to Archie Robertson, of The Grennan (later Waireka Estate), Papaiti, Whanganui. The ocelot was his first attempt at taxidermy and mounting and became part of his house museum collection. Image courtesy of Whanganui Regional Museum.

3. The photo of Cass, Zoe Pullman and Zaryd which Fran Potaka sent us. 

4. Cass interviews Zoe in the basement in Boyd Avenue

5. An advertisement from Papers Past, Wanganui Herald, 28 March 1911

6. Kyle Dalton being interviewed for this episode 

7. A map of the Boyd Avenue subdivision (courtesy of Timespanner blog

8. Cass and Fran go down to Zoo Creek


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