No future

Episode 5

Neil Roberts was 21 when he was killed by the explosives he set off outside the Wanganui Computer Buildings as a protest against what he saw as increasing state surveillance.

Links to more information

Ann Shelton’s The City of Gold and Lead – First published in July 2013 by the Sarjeant Gallery, Whanganui for the exhibition of the same name

A link to where you can find out more about Airini’s book of poetry, Dear Neil Roberts

Up the Punks – an online community archive project documenting the punk scene of Aotearoa’s capital city, Wellingon 

Up the Punks Facebook page 


1. Sam Buchanan

2. Airini Beautrais

3. Neil Roberts Day Punx Picnic posting in Anti-System zine, 1989

3. Wairere House – former home of the Wanganui Computer

4. Neil Roberts Day 2016 – photo courtesy of Up the Punks

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